Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Today we went to the Health Department...

And we got an application to dig a well and septic tank.

Yes sir, we're a buildin' a cabin!

Andrew's parents are giving us a few acres behind the farm. It is the most peaceful, wonderful piece of land. I am pinching myself because I can't believe it is really going to happen.

Okay. SO....this is step 1 in about a million step process. It will be a few years before we will be in the cabin but in the meantime we are going to put in the well and septic and bring in a mobile home.

Who am I kidding here? We're gettin' a trailer!!!!!

I never thought I would be so happy in all my life to say, "Baby, can I be the queen of your double wide trailer?" But I am. SO excited.

Here are some pics that we took today just as the snow began to fall.

(you have to use your imagination here.....we have a loooong way to go)

One of my favorite things about this spot are the red barns that you can see in the distance (that and the mountains, of course). You can barely see them through the snow!

So. Guess what we have to wait for before we can start anything. Oh you know, we just have to wait for the snow to melt off of the ground.

Ay, yi yi.

We just need a window of opportunity to clear the land and dig. Too bad mother nature has other plans for us.

It has to melt soon, right?


oneluckyman said...

Hey, Val -- you need to check out Paul Thorn's song -- "Doublewide Paradise." :-)

Congratulations, and remember -- one step at a time (even if that step is waiting some more).

Caroline Elizabeth said...

This post seriously brought tears o my eyes! I am so excited for you, what a gorgeous spot and YOU, what beautiful pictures!!

Alex said...

That is so exciting!! :)

Johannah said...

i may or may not be making the photo of you in the snow my computer screen background. love love love it, you, him, life. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Baby steps...I was so excited when I got my 2008 Clayton. It's a fine starter home. They actually make them with a lot more options nowadays. All my fixtures are gunmetal, and the walls are a beige looking color..I have to keep reminding myself that I can't have it all right now...I can be a bit like Veruca at times...I always want instant gratification...I am soooooooooo happy for you. It's not easy to stay with a guys fam even if they are wonderful...A girl needs her personal space...Good luck with everything...LOVE YAS!


Brittany said...


congrats congrats congrats.

(and please send some of that snow up here. weve hardly had any and i want a snow day)

valerie said...

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! Everyone is invited down to the farm!!!


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