Sunday, February 21, 2010

oh sunny day!

OH you beautiful sun you.

It was gorgeous today. Sunny, almost 50 degrees & clear skies.

We HAD to get out to the mountains.

Since going on a hike was out of the question we stopped by one of our favorite back roads and took a little walk.

(before all this we had to make a pit stop at the Dollar Tree and buy some sunglasses. Some really cool sunglasses that you can only find at the Dollar Tree.)

Try not to be intimidated.

I needed this walk and this sun so very bad (see above).

And we took some pretty pictures.

here you go:

Hope you enjoyed your Sunday Funday.


1 comment:

Crystal Pinson said...

First, Val, let me just say I have never been more intimidated! Those sunglasses are simply stunning! Makes me want to run to the dollar tree immediately before they sell out...I bet I'm too late.

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