Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Olympics 09

I love my gloves. And him. And all of this snow.

We took the tractor and plowed a sledding lane down the back field.

The tractor got stuck and I went down about 3 times before my tush was a solid sheet of ice BUT we had a blast.

Pretty sure I won the competition. It must have been the neon orange lobster claw gloves.


Brittany said...

you TOTALLY won.

(and im obsessed with you two. so cute.)

must come visit at some point- so beautiful! i forget what trees and open land looks like sometimes.

ahh we should totally all get together and have a blogfest. im sure jos in.

Michael said...

Wow, Valerie -- not even close. You totally owned THAT competition. Great vids. Thanks for posting.

Danielle Sands said...

I am SO in for a blogfest... I have thought about that before.

I love you guys. Miss you tons.

p.s. andrew knows what i would call him....

valerie said...

Ha!! Yes! Boston would be a great in between. I'm in.

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