Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Deadline

photo taken at Cool Breeze Stables

Way back when (so about two years ago) I was still stumbling and fumbling post college. Bills were paid late, cleaning and shopping was not being done, prorities were NOT in order.

So I made a rule. I had until each Wednesday of the week to "get my life together". Splitting it up in the middle of the work week didn't make me absolutley dread a Monday deadline or have to wait for a Friday deadline. Wednesday worked perfect.

I even let friends in on my project. Amy would pop her head into my office each Wednesday and declare: "It's Wednesday. Is your life together?" and I would either smile and nod or moan about what I had still not accomplished.

I evenutally became so good at "getting my life together" by Wednesday of each week that I stopped conciously thinking about my deadline --it all seemed to be coming together on it's own.

Guess what? I need-no, MUST- go back to my Wednesday deadline of G.M.L.T.

I took the day off. I need this day. I have a deadline.

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