Tuesday, August 18, 2009

growin' heart

As promised, here are some pics from my weekend.
(okay, so maybe there is no proof that my heart grew 3 times bigger...but it did)

A wonderful musical friend, Mickey (singer/songwriter) graciously let me record on a track for his upcoming CD at Blackwater Recording.

I was like a kid in a candy shop.

After having the best time recording I left to catch up with my friend Peter to sing a few tunes at his gig in Roanoke, VA.

It was an all day music fest.

and...I had FUN. I just felt like something was lifted from me and I just had, well...FUN.

(if you only knew my performers anxiety you would understand why this was such a big deal for me)

So. I'm still working all this....putting myself out there mumbo jumbo. But, I think it's starting to work.

and I found this quote that I wrote down in an old journal from the movie "Into the Wild" (one of my favorites)

"I believe that the good gets better"

Don't ya just have to believe that? I do. I do, I do.


Amy said...

PROUD OF YOU!!! Don't forget about me when you are out on your world tour. xoxo

lauren said...

WHY didn't you call me when you were in the Star City of the South?

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