Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Wednesdays

First Wednesday is the best Wednesday of the month.
My friend/co-worker/sister/all wrapped into one wonderful person Amy started this once a month get together back in February and we have been meeting the first Wednesday of every month since.


(and, might I add, I am the only "firster" with perfect attendance)

Amy invites everyone she knows to her adorable condo each month and we usually have a theme.

One month it was comfort foods where everyone brought a dish that brings them comfort and told a story about it.

Let's just say that month wasn't the healthiest but THE BEST.

We have had themes where everyone brings a food that starts with the first letter of your name, celebrated "cinco de seis" in May, and last night it was "Bring a Friend" month for June.

{me feasting on "Cinco De Seis" tacos with fellow "Firsters"}

But the best part of First Wednesday's is the gift exchange. Everyone who wants to participate brings a small, handmade gift and we draw numbers.....and then it gets dirty. "Bad Santa" style. We all have numbers and can pick a gift or pick someone elses.

We all started out being very polite and not stealing.

No more.

Gifts are getting GOOD. Like this one:

(this is kinda a fake...Amy made this nightlight of me and my momma especially for me BUT a custom made nightlight was one of the gifts. How crafty is she?)

Isn't this a great way to meet people?

AND anyone is welcome to join us the first Wednesday of each month :)


Amy said...

Goody Two Shoes!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Perfect Attendance points all go to Valerie. I love this.

patti digh said...

That's it. I'm moving to Richmond. Or wherever the hell it is that you two live.

Aileen said...

You all make those of us who do not live in Richmond envious.

valerie said...

:) yay! everyone come!

Crystal Pinson said...

Wow, this sounds like great fun! You get food, friends, and gifts (even naughty at times) once a month! Does Richmond need any good docs?

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