Tuesday, June 30, 2009

AND I painted my toes.

Watch out.
So..I thought I would share why I have been feeling a bit blue as of lately.
The summer months always seem to drag a bit for me. I'm not sure why, but I think I have always been like this in summer months. It's just not my time of year. FALL is where it is at for me. I love it. I feel inspired, motivated, LOVE the weather...

Back to summer. I know this is silly, but the sun drives me crazy in the summer. I spend about $134.45 on SPF to protect my freckly skin and have a deep sense of guilt if leave the house without it (I know I will thank myself in about 10 years for this habit) BUT in the mean time....staying out of the sun is no fun for a 25 year old.
So even when I am out laying at the beach or poolside, I can never really enjoy it. OH, and I had to bump up my usually 30spf to 55 this year.


Enough about that. I think I just wanted to rant about SPF and the dent in my wallet for a bit.

The real reason why I am blue is because I miss a lot of special people and one special little cat.

I miss my family. A ton. I am almost 6 hours away from my mom and dad, even further away from my brother who lives with his family in Knoxville, TN.

I miss Andrew. 115 miles has seemed like 1343198574891 miles lately.

I MISS MY CAT! Yes, Olivia is staying with Andrew this week (logistical issue). It really hit me this morning. No spooning with Olivia (yeah..I said it. I spoon my cat in bed. Don't judge). I miss her morning kisses and her little face waiting for me as soon as I open the door.

So. I woke up alone this morning. Really alone.

BUT my nails are red and I'm going to kick these summer blues once and for all AND my mad guitar skills are getting better and better. I am very happy for that.

AND tonight is First Wednesday. Can't wait.

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