Monday, April 16, 2012

This photo

  This photo was taken on Saturday morning (hello self timer) right after a good ole' tax season marital fight.  It wasn't really a fight, per say (lies), more like, oh we just got bent over by Uncle Sam and "what do you mean now that we file together they take what you owe out of my tax return!"

It was a classic woman gets emotional, man gets puffed chest, scenario. 

We get over things pretty quickly (see above photo) but this first year of marriage has been full of lots of spats and lots of fun making up.  Don't worry, they all tell me it's normal.  ;)

What is not normal, however, is my obsession with my cats.  But we all knew that anyways.

hope your week is jolly.

OH, and if your ears need a musical break, you can watching this.  

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