Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This year I participated in Lent for the first time ever.  

I gave up (hopefully for good) biting/picking at the skin around my nails.  
i know.

It's a nasty habit I have had since I can remember.  I think it was just a nervous tick I developed when I was little.  It used to be really scar worthy bad. And then my mom tried a whole host of things including putting that nasty tasting stuff on my fingers to telling me that no man would ever want to marry me with fingers like that.  (Eat that mom!  Guess your prediction was FALSE-O)

It was a habit likened to smoking.  NO ONE understood how much I just needed to do it.  I just needed to pick at my nails and I would feel better about a situation.  Weird, right?

So I knew that this would be a big thing to try and give up.  But I wanted to prove it to myself, my mom, and THE WORLD.

ANDDDD I did it!  I know I have a few days to go but I think I am cured.  I got a manicure as a reward for my hard work.

SO, if you have some nasty habit like me, YOU CAN DO IT!

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