Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Morning

it's cold outside.

thankfully the wood stove beside me is rolling with heat, crackling and popping in the silence of morning.

i sit alone, looking out the window.

i nervously think in my mind what i should be doing.

shouldn't i be cooking breakfast?

shouldn't i be preparing for my trip later today?

the dogs start barking outside, an act that on most mornings fills my chest with anxiety at each bark.

so i sit.

and listen.

and breath the cold air up my nose and slowly out.

and turned down the volume of my mind.

and that one moment became beautiful, peaceful.

i'm working on filling my days with these.

one at a time.

(i also find peace while eating biscuits and gravy too, just in case you were wondering...)


PJH said...

Love it! This is great.

Brittany said...


Amy said...

Things I love. Love so much. In 2011.

1) You.
2) Your blog.
3) Biscuits.
4) Olivia.
5) Andew.
6) Your home.
7) West Virginia.

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