Wednesday, January 19, 2011

make it beautiful

In light of all of the negative activity going on in my brain right now (I'm planning on somewhat trying to sort this out shortly....) I have to send out this light of love to anyone that I can.

Everyone should have a Priscilla in their life. How did I go this far without one? I don't know. But having her 3 miles down the road from me is like a little gift from God.

Her blog is called Make it Beautiful. Right now she is campaigning to bring happiness into the world through these two little girls.

I dare you not to tear up.

So just give a little. I stopped feeling sorry for myself as soon as I read their story....try it out. :)

1 comment:

PJH said...

I love you! I don't know what I did without a Valerie for my first 29 years. AHH! We make a good team. Haha.

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