Friday, January 14, 2011


This week was in one word..


I think I need a list to get started.

1. My mom is in town. I came home to a kitchen filled with gravy smothered pork chops last night. Heaven. Can she just come move in? Please?

2. It was cold as balls here all week. I've never understood that phrase....but it was darn cold.

3. I maybe got the tub of Neapolitan ice cream out the other night and ate half of it. Then I woke up the next morning at 5 am tenderly hugging the toilet. Why do I do this to myself? Just face it girl, you can't eat dairy.

4. My mom is going to see me in my wedding dress for the first time tomorrow morning! AHH!! yay!

5. I am now, Coach McQueen. The Varsity cheerleading coach at school had a leave of absence, and when my boss came in worried about how to fill the position for the next 5 weeks---I just couldn't contain myself.


It just came out. I couldn't stop the words coming from my mouth. So now, I am working with a lovely group of 13 High School students.

It's pretty cool. I'll keep you updated. It should be a wild ride for the next 5 weeks.

And of course, I am channeling Sue Sylvester. I am waiting for UPS to deliver my track suit any day now.

Happy Friday Folks!


Molly Harper said...

Ok first of all, you are so absolutely right. What about cold & balls has any relation?!? Nothing. Yet I've never thought about it until you just mentioned it. Secondly, CONGRATS Coach McQueen (beautiful ring to it)! That's fantastic news!

Valerie said...

Thanks Molly! I just realized that I wrote this: "I came home to a kitchen filled with gravy smothered pork chops last night. Heaven." and it made me laugh really hard imagining my trailer filled with gravy and porkchops, all oozing out of the windows. That would be heaven. I meant to say the SMELL of gravy smothered pork chops. Oh, it's been a long week.

kelli said...

You totally made me laugh out loud with the Sue Sylvester comment. This I why I love you...and yes every time your mom comes I say to myself please come live with me...

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