Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rachel Portman

(picture from "Rural Virginia", a book that my friend Amy thrift-ed for me because she is amazing and thinks of me when she thrifts)

On one of my favorite blogs, NieNie Dialogues, Stephanie mentioned listening to the Rachel Portman station on Pandora.

I'm always looking for an "outlet" to calm my mind down. Sometimes it goes into overdrive. Okay...well, a lot of times it goes into overdrive. This station is my new *favorite* getaway. I highly suggest listening to it, especially at night when you need to wind down.

Tonight, I'm staying in a hotel in Leesburg, VA for work and I won't be back home until Friday.

I miss my cat. I miss Andrew. I even miss the farm dogs and the 1,000,000 stink bugs that have invaded my trailer. I think it's time to turn on Pandora, dream about being home, and drift off to sleep.


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