Friday, October 29, 2010

Engagment Par-tay

I couldn't let this week come and go without sharing some photos of our engagement/housewarming party held last weekend!

I had friends come in all the way from Wisconsin, Texas, Richmond, and Norton and everything was exactly how I imagined it would be!

We wanted everyone to come, relax, chill out and enjoy a beautiful fall day. We held the party in our front yard and decorated with items around the farm. Andrew fixed up an old wagon that we found in our woods and an old water trough held the ice and beer. Hay bales were stacked all over the yard with old quilts and a bonfire was set up in the middle of the yard. Friends spent so much time helping with little glass and tin jars that became twinkling lights and chalkboard painted arrows that we placed all around the farm.

This party gave me confidence that a DIY wedding can be done and look beautiful!

If this is just a glimpse into what your wedding day feels like....I need to start preparing myself now. What an amazing feeling to be surrounded by so much love!!!

2 of my beautiful bridesmaids :)

Happy Friday!!!


Marci said...

Val, everything looked like it was right out of a southern living/ beautiful bride magazine! The pictures looked soo beautiful. So happy for you!

Johannah said...

i just can't wait!!!! 10/15/11

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