Thursday, October 28, 2010

good 'ole boys

If you ever venture into Virginia (which I hope you do) and you mosey on down to the city of Staunton (which I hope you do) you have to go down to Marino's on a Tuesday night.

For over 30 years this has been the best place for burgers, beers and bluegrass pickin'!

I have been for the burgers before, but never the bluegrass. This past Tuesday, Andrew and I went with two of our friends, Michael & Kim guessed it....burgers, beers and bluegrass.

It was an amazing night. We don't usually leave the farm for the city at night (like, ever?) but this is one place that Andrew and I felt at home in. Here's some proof:

I must have been so caught up in singin' and smilin' that I had to give a HALLELUJAH!

Here's a little video from the night. Everyone was singin' "Long Black Veil". It makes me happy.

Untitled from Valerie McQueen on Vimeo.

Who's comin' next Tuesday?


Molly Harper said...

AWESOME. The most fabulous part of this post is the video and the guy saying "This place was here when my Dad was young. I'm serious." As if we thought he was lying? :) LOVE it! Kim told me about going 2 weeks ago and then Cilla told me about going this past Tuesday. Next time I see I need to take up these offers! :) WOO HOO!

PJH said...

LONG BLACK VEIL! That song gives me chills. I play it every year for my students and they think I'm crazy. I am meant to be there. It is so my element.

Valerie said...

Yes! We all have to go back. has your name written all over it.

Jules said...

One of my favorite Staunton traditions !! So, glad you guys went !

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