Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lady, aka "Grandma"

Yesterday I got a call at work.
Lady, or Grandma as most everyone at the farm called her, had laid down in the riding ring and it didn't look like she was going to get up this time.

Lady was 37 years old which is VERY old in horse years. Andrew's mom has had her longer than both of her children. She was the first horse that Andrew rode and the first horse that he fell off of. Needless to say, Lady is a member of the Crummett family and loved by everyone at the barns.

Lady walked around doing whatever she pleased in her last years. She earned that freedom. You would often find her waiting by the feed room in hopes that someone would give her a little extra grain. Or you would find her scratching her belly on a bush. I think the most important thing that Lady did in her later years was care for all of the foals and their mothers. Lady was the only horse that a new mama would let around her baby. It was really incredible to watch. She was a Grandma in every way possible.

Horses are just not horses at our barn. They are part of our community and many are part of our family. Yesterday was sad for everyone. I have never been around such a large animal at the end of it's life. You could really feel her spirit leave as she took her last few breathes. But we know she was ready to go. It was time and we are all grateful that she went without suffering.

Rest in peace Grandma, it just won't be the same around here without you.

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Alex said...

oh this makes my heart hurt!!

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