Monday, October 26, 2009

you should hang out with us on Saturday nights

We cranked out the fun factory on Saturday night.

Who needs to go out in the big city when you can stay snug at home and have a good ole' fashioned Yahtzee tournament.

We played about 10 games. (that's a lot of Yahtzee for me..short attention span)

These next 2 pictures are from games where I was winning. Odd that I only took pictures of these? Nahhh girl.

Things to know about.

1. I am not good at math. Yes, I somehow made it through college, many tutor sessions later, but I also developed a "fluster", as I like to call it, when I have to do math on the spot in front of someone. I just get sweaty and the walls start to close in on me. (deep, deep rooted math issues here. years of therapy awaiting me.)
Andrew is working on not calling me his 5 year old nieces name when I don't blurt out the sum of 6+3+5+1+6 .....(brainnn poweerrrrr.....mmmm..21?)

pain. emotion. embarrassment. somehow I get through.

2. Who uses the cup? I think it's unneccessary and would probably make fun of you to your face if you played with a cup in my tournamnt. And I can do that because sh%# talkin' is fair game in my professional Yahtzee tournament.

3. This was "Amazing fruit punch, Valerie. No really, taste it. Ohhhh. This is so good." I don't know why I found it so funy, but I did. Maybe you had to be there.

4. Crappy coffee table shelf full o'stuff I need to organize.


We brought out the CORNBREAD and homemade HONEY BUTTER. (whattttt? yes, we did.)

I popped open a bottle of gingerale and things got all loosey goosey.

(gross. Who wants to bet we dropped this knife on the floor and continued to eat off it?)

but in the last rounds....I started to get tired. And my attention span was on a rapid decline......

We ended up tying in a sudden death face off on Sunday afternoon.

Until next time......


Amber said...

i heart beards. my fiance grew a beard upon my request as my birthday present last year.

valerie said...

haha! I love it. What a great birthday request.

there is just something about a beard...

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