Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cool Breeze Stables

I had the best weekend! I have been so busy catching up and spending time with Andrew (YES! He took Monday and Tuesday off to come to Richmond) I'm just getting around to posting pictures.
My mom was in town, the sun was shining and the farm was buzzing! I loved seeing all of the riders compete and I really looooved eating as much as I wanted from the concession stand (a perk of being "in" the family).

Here's a little peek of the weekend:

Mom and her new GrandHorse

Andrew's newphew...chocolate lovers unite.

Hunter, Andrew's dog/best friend
Hank the barn cat

Andrew and the big green tractor! (humming the song in my head as we speak)

Everyone is invited to the horse show next year!!!!! love.


Anonymous said...

i am SO mad i didn't come. why you didn't tell me about the concession stand earlier...next year. you and deb looks so prets! i love you.

Danielle Sands said...

love, love, LOVE!

Makes me miss you even more!!

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