Monday, October 29, 2012

weekend whirlwind

So we did it!  We might have only had 10 of the 42 people from our class come but we did it!  It was great getting to catch up with old friends and spending a night at the football game.  Not much has changed.  The cheerleaders even still do our old Fight Song routine.  We were proud of that.  :)  It brought back so many memories and I was happy that Andrew could be there to soak it all in with me.  

It was a quick trip and we left the next morning after having breakfast with mom and lunch with dad.  I spent Sunday cleaning out the nursery (aka the guest room/storage disaster room).  

I was on the brink of tears a few times, but I finally got it all under control.  It made me seriously think about how much *stuff* we can accumulate and how it weighs us down.  One good thing about living in a tiny space is that you have to constantly take inventory on your goods.  We have 2 closets in the entire place and they are both occupied with clothes or soon to be baby items.  That means......ZERO storage.  We do have access to put some boxes in Grandma's basement, but only for a few things.  My next project is to go through drawers and de-clutter.  Wish me luck.  

Did I mention we were off of school today!??  YES.  Sandy is causing problems on the east coast, but I must say I was jumping for joy this morning when I heard the news, especially after I was wide awake at  4 a.m. (thanks baby girl).

Off to work on the house some more.  Happy Monday! 

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Johannah Quinn said...

i bet 10.00 that you sang along with the fight song

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