Thursday, October 25, 2012

almost 24 weeks

Profesh selfie photo shoot

My belly still has a little bit of a cone shape thing going on.  That's okay, I'll rock it anyways (like I have a choice).

Today I got myself a little more together than I have been all week so I thought I would snap a few for the memory book.  It has been a hellofaweek  and throwing together my pregnant self in 5 minutes has not helped the situation.  So...ta-da!!!  Instant mood booster.

Tomorrow we are off to my 10 year High School reunion.  I'm pretty excited to see all my old friends and to go to a good ole John I. Burton football game.  Go Raiders!  They are the only football team I can truly say I ever cared about.  I'm just faking the family loyalty to the Redskins.  All Hail?  Is that what I am supposed to say?

 Peace out.  If you are around my parts of Virginia I hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall weather we are having.  I wish I could run around and play in it all day.


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