Tuesday, March 29, 2011

let's play catch up

classy scene.  My 27 birthday was last week and we celebrate low key style.  I opened a bottle of rum that I have been saving from my trip to Nicaragua in 2006.  That would make it...12 years aged rum.  Yummy.  I have been saving it for a special occasion/time and it just felt right.  This has been the best year of my 27 years!  

 The baby chicks are here!  Andrew came home with 30 chicks!  Phase one of our farm plan-complete.  Bring on the cows!
woo hoo.  name on a street sign.
WE DID IT!  Living room, check.  Kitchen---you're next.  I may have had a temper tantrum when we started ( I really hate painting) but we did it and it looks great!  Well, the color is kind of the color of band-aides, but it is a vast improvement.  Pictures to come...

 and last but not least, I just wanted to show you how big this mirror is in my office.  Do I check myself out in it every morning?  Why yes I do. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

the kingdom of Traiylor

So about once a month I go through something.
Yes, that....and
getting really down in the dumps about not having my home look like I want it to.  
I had grand visions when we first got the trailer.  I was going to make it look like a little cottage on the inside.  It was going to be the cutest trailer you have ever seen.  People would read my blog and see the transformation and their jaw would drop and they would say, "oh my gawd, that is the cutest trailer evah..like EV-VER".

My problem is that I am great at coming up with ideas and seeing a clear vision---not so good at carrying that vision out.  I think it has something to do with my sign. 
I have the paint.  It is sitting in a closet.
I have picture frames....in a bag in the spare room.
I have shelves....somewhere.
Curtains---I need more curtains.

But other than that...I just need to DO IT.  It seems overwhelming but if I say I am going to do it on this here internet machine, then I feel like it will make me do it.  

and then I can post before and after pictures and everyone can go "oooooooohhhhhhhh" and "awwwwwwwww" over my trailer makeover.

right?  right.  Thanks.  I needed your help.

ps.  the play went GREAT!  I am so happy I was a part of it. 

pps.  I am playing here tonight.  come and see meeeeeeeee!

Friday, March 18, 2011

go time.

"art, especially the stage, is an area where it is impossible to walk without stumbling. There are in store for you many unsuccessful days and whole unsuccessful seasons, great misunderstandings and deep disappointments. You must be prepared for all of this, accept it and nevertheless stubbornly, fanatically follow your own way." -Anton Chekhov

I have this quote in a frame in my bathroom.  I read it everyday, just about.  It was given to me my senior year of college from my favorite Theatre professor and I cherish it.  It makes me feel good about falling on my face a million times and having the courage to get back up again.  

"Timon of Athens" starts it's run this evening.  Please think of me tonight at 7:30.  My guts will be hanging out on a stage singing, and probably stumbling, but fanatically following my way.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


re-reading my post from yesterday morning makes me feel slightly violent towards myself.  who is that chipper in the morning?  how many of you wanted to punch me in the face yesterday?  5am, yoga, & curling irons?  

have no fear, those days are few and far between.  I was back to my normal snooze button routine this morning.

one more thing....


Monday, March 14, 2011

miss sunshine

This past weekend was beautiful. BEAUTY-full. 

Here's a weekend list:
birthday festivities on Friday night for my friend Caroline & we got to hear the tail-end of an awesome show
Saturday morning biscuits & gravy, play rehearsal, & dinner with the future in-laws
Sunday morning early rehearsal and the rest of the day was spent out in the woods!

We finished clearing an entire circuit of our trail that we plan to have around the entire farm.  It is the best thing ever!  I took some video of me walking it, but it came out all blair-witch projecty so I will save you the headache.

This morning I was wide eyed and bushy tailed at 5am.  I laid there for 30 minutes and then decided to not waste the morning in bed.  I did some yoga, made quite possibly the best sandwich breakfast ever and sipped on tea while I curled my hair.  This morning was perfecto.  Andrew was the ying to my yang and woke up like a bear because he couldn't get to bed last night.  I think he wanted to take my super sunshine smiley morning mood and shove it somewhere......

I'm takin' this busy week day by day.  The play runs this Fri, Sat, & Sun and I am so nervous/excited I can't stand it!!!!  (or is it I am excited to finally have by evenings back!?)


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

eye twtich

I am on overdrive this week.  Lots of rehearsal, work, music, rain, and poor diet choices.  

With all that said, LIFE IS GOOD.  Just, oh so busy.  So I will leave you with a little treat that I have been working on.  

My soul sister Priscilla helped me put together a wedding blog so I could keep friends & family updated on the big McQueen-Crummett wedding! Enjoy!  I hope to update it with more info and photos as soon as I get a decent nights sleep! 

Friday, March 4, 2011


 I had way too much sugar today (bake sale AND birthday cake at school today) but I just wanna jump onto a rooftop and scream today!!!!!!!! 


And to end the week, I thought I would pass along some good tunes that have been in my head lately.  (i have eclectic taste, can you tell?)

Happy Weekend Folks!

put this on in your car, turn it up and roll the windows down.

 swoon.  this is beauty.  

this has been in my head non-stop lately, why?  I'm not sure.  but I do love this song.

we always rap "we put on for Mt. Sidney" (the town we live in)-----it's legit.  And if you are ever in the car when this song comes on, I will rap Jay-Z's part with all my heart and soul.  That's what's up.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How David Arquette Helped Me

Last week, or maybe it was just a few days ago, I watched an episode of Oprah (oh how I have missed you) and her guest was David Arquette.  I was sucked in from the beginning.  (Oprah is the BEST interviewer--no matter how many times she interrupts her guests..I STILL love her).  
The interview pretty much consisted of David telling his downward spiral story and how he is working on himself now.  I really respected him for his honesty.  He said one thing that really stuck out in my mind over the last few days.  It was something his yoga instructor told him (so she probably read it from a Buddhist reading or something and I am probably butchering the quote) but it went something like this:

"Anger is like drinking poison and expecting someone else do die"  

mind blowing statement to me.  

And I've replaced "Anger" with other negative emotions like, stress, anxiety.....all of those icky feelings.  It just registers in my head, this statement.  I thought I would pass it along to you all in case it makes you go "AH-HA" as well.

Happy Wednesday!  Let's all stop drinking poison, shall we?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March, Secret Forts, and a Pimped Out Dish

Oh March.  I'm so excited you are here because that means that we are closer to spring and it's my birthday month!  It's also my Mom & Olivia's Birthday month.  woo hoo!
Hopefully March will bring us more spring teasing days like it was this past Sunday.  I have been so busy lately and haven't spent much time on the farm or with my love, the pups, or baby cat.  I think I smiled the entire day.  

I am so content in my little home, on this little hill in the world.  We are so blessed to have nature at our doorstep. 
We took a family walk down into the woods to our future "Forest Garden".  Andrew has been studying permaculture for months and months, reading everything he can get his hands onto.  I am so excited for what things will look like come Spring.  Lilly(above) is a big fan of the Forest Garden--and walks in general.  
Hunter and Charlie are quite the pair. Their favorite things to do together?  Wrestle and fight over sticks. 

 Olivia always joins us for family walks to the Forest Garden.  We start down the path and the pups run in front of us and then we call for Olivia.  I will have to video tape her walking down the path one day.  I seriously think she has an identity crisis.  She completely thinks of herself as one of the dogs. 
This is one of my favorite things.  It is our secret fort.  Right next to the Forest Garden I spied a pile of fallen trees and branches and my inner child was set free.  A FORT!  Not only that...a SECRET FORT.  We spent an afternoon clearing around it and adding sticks to the top to create a tiny shelter.  I will have to get better pictures of it but it is going to be my favorite hide out on the farm, I can already tell!

I also spied with my little green eye the most trailer-rific thing on Sunday.  I don't know how I didn't notice it before (shows you how crazy life has been lately) but we have a new addition to our rooftop.  We wanted cable---we got cable, and a new pimped out DISH!  Andrew felt so bad when he was explaining WHY it had to be placed above our beautiful door.  I guess it was the only place that would pick up reception.  Oh, just add it to the story of our trailer love.  xoxo

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