Friday, March 4, 2011


 I had way too much sugar today (bake sale AND birthday cake at school today) but I just wanna jump onto a rooftop and scream today!!!!!!!! 


And to end the week, I thought I would pass along some good tunes that have been in my head lately.  (i have eclectic taste, can you tell?)

Happy Weekend Folks!

put this on in your car, turn it up and roll the windows down.

 swoon.  this is beauty.  

this has been in my head non-stop lately, why?  I'm not sure.  but I do love this song.

we always rap "we put on for Mt. Sidney" (the town we live in)-----it's legit.  And if you are ever in the car when this song comes on, I will rap Jay-Z's part with all my heart and soul.  That's what's up.


PJH said...

I love some Judds and can sing that with you anytime. As for Young JEAZY, I'm gonna have to look that one up!

Valerie said...

You have to! It's one of my favorite rap songs and it is so fun to sing it about Mt. Sidney!!!

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