Friday, July 8, 2011

devil horns

I guess I fell a little short on producing a fourth of July post.  Or following back up on painting my kitchen & living room.  And I definitly fell short of my Ultimate Life Challenge  (Jillian got one week of my life.....I'm not giving up, just taking a break).  

So I'll post this picture of myself. (I look very serious in it though....I was trying not to cheeseball smile)    

I looked in the rear view mirror this morning on my way to work.  Little whispies of hair caught my attention and I smiled.  I remember being a little girl and always having a million fly aways or "Devil Horns" as my family so nicely put it.  If you could see the other side of my head you would see an identical devil horn poking out the other side.  As a kid I didn't pay any attention to it.  It was just me.  Just my hair.  Just crooked teeth, big freckles, and devil horns.  

Then came adolescence and the devil horns became a life or death situation.  I was a cheerleader so I had to wear my hair in a pony tail a lot.  I would dry and blow them out (this was before God gave the gift of the straightening iron to the masses) and then spray hair spray on the little boogers.  If there was a drop of moisture in the air you better believe that the devil horns popped right back up.  
Life was tramatic and there were days that my hair RUINED my life.  Oh the drama.  
So this morning when I saw my little horns going out of control I had to laugh.  I still feel the same as that little girl and to a degree that dramatic teenager.  I part of me wanted to take my hair down and freak out about my devil horns but another part of me said, ah, let 'em be.  They are me.  Always will be.  It feels good to get to the age where you go back in time and just accept what you have.  Even if what I have and will always have are devil horns. 

    hope you have a happy weekend.  :) 


wilybrunette said...

regarding your tweet, can i send you an email, or me one?

Valerie said...

of course! I'll send one your way now. :)

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