Thursday, May 12, 2011

wedding update

So we are starting to plan.  Like really plan.  Booking things, making decisions all leading up for our October wedding.  :)

(that makes me smile just thinking about it)

It's comes in waves.  Some days I don't even think about it, others its the only thing that I can imagine.  I try not to stay too long in imaginary world because I feel like it can lead down a road of stress if you let it.  I have images of something that I want and then I try to freeze frame it and go write it down or send an email to my LOVELY bridesmaids who have made this entire process so far feel like a magical conversation between little girls.  

I love that part. It will no doubt be in my top 5 favorite wedding memories--all these emails chit chatting with wedding excitement. 

I went back and forth on what to do on THE wedding night. (don't read into that...)  Should we just stay at home?  Do we dare have our bags packed and peace out after the wedding?  Is it worth the money to spend for one night down the street where we will probably only spend 7 hours tops?  

We talked it through and YES it is worth it.  Andrew's exact words were "money?  Who's worried about money?" ---love him and his utter denial to the fact that we live a VERY simple life.  So we booked a room down the street at The Inn at Old Virginia in Staunton, VA. 

We will be staying at the William H. Harman II suite.  

Fancy.  And here is an insiders tip.  The lace canopy definitly matches a theme throughout my wedding.  It's all in the details.  :)

I'm so excited.  Things are starting to feel real.  We are still figuring out the honeymoon, but the prospects are looking high.  
This is #1 on our list:

Can you even imagine?  Minutes of my life have been wasted trying to figure out how they get in the champagne hot tub

  Amazing.  Simply amazing.  


Marci said...

the inn at old virginia looks gorgeous! and it will be soo worth it too! best of luck with all the planning!

Molly Harper said...

YAY! Just seeing "wedding update" got me excited to read on! PS - The Inn @ Old VA is where we stayed our wedding night, too! AWESOME. You'll love it & it will be worth it. Let me know when it's time to get crafty!!

Valerie said...

Thanks guys!

Molly--how fun! I'm glad it comes recommended from you two!

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