Monday, May 16, 2011

a most perfect weekend

I tried to take a cue from Mother Nature this weekend.  Equal parts relaxation and celebration!

It was my soul sisters 30th birthday party on Saturday night and we couldn't have had a better time with friends! They put on such an amazing bash!

(me and the birthday girl...I'm so happy we found each other!!!)

We stayed up late underneath the stars & eventually Andrew pulled me away and said it was way past our bedtime and time to go home.  Boo.  Hiss.  Let a girl party.

On Sunday we woke up and I made biscuits, gravy, bacon and fresh farm eggs for Andrew & our bff friend Eric!  Mmmmmmm.  I am a good hostess folks.  I'll treat you right.  

Eric grew up with Andrew in Mt. Sidney, down the road on his family's Dairy Farm.  Eric and I went to college together.  We became the three musketeers when Eric played matchmaker.  It usually just feels like 3 old friends hanging out when Eric is around...and that's perfectly fine with me.  We keep each other laughing at life.  I love having him over. 

eric & andrew having coffee out in the forest garden

We took a walk down our trail in the morning and then after an emergency Slurpee trip was made we stopped by the Wampler farm to walk through the woods.  

Eric has some pretty cows.  That's a fact.  

His farm is absolutely beautiful.  A real treasure in these times.  :)  Look at those mountains.  

(did I mention I absolutely love where I live?  Because I do.  Can't imagine being anywhere else.)


A storm rolled in as soon as we finished our walk and we watched it pour down the most beautiful spring shower while sitting on the front porch.  

AHhhhhhhhhh.  yes.  It was a most perfect weekend.  



PJH said...

Thank you for making my night so special in your beautiful little skirt! I am jealous of your slurpee break, but I had MCDONALDS! YES!It was just what I needed!

Valerie said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm it would have been a perfect day for Mickey D's!

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