Friday, May 6, 2011

Baby Birds

I thought we only had 3 baby birds in our shoe caddy nest but I was wrong.  I walked up my back stairs yesterday to lots of "peeping" and I stole a look.  Five baby birds had their little mouths WIDE open ready for some food.  It was an amazing sight.  I was so busy looking at them that I was completely startled when I came eye to eye with mom who was dropping off some food.  I quickly ran inside and waited for her to come back for feeding. 

and she did!  I'm excited to watch these babes grow.  

On another note, it is FRIIIIDAYYYY (said in my best Oprah voice)

This week seemed extra long.  I'm ready for my weekend which will include the farms annual Kentucky Derby Celebration!  I celebrated Mother's Day with my momma last weekend (in truth, she just spoiled me all weekend with bananna pudding, peanut butter pie and biscuits and gravy) BUT I will miss her just the same.  

Happy Mother's Day to all of the great Moms out there that I know!

xoxo Have a great weekend!!

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