Monday, May 24, 2010

What do I do?

You know that question that makes every unemployed persons skin raise while instantly making you want to slink away?

"What do you do?"

I wish we could just ban that phrase. It leads to all sorts of feelings of inadequacies. I used to love answering it, when I loved my old job at CFF. I was really really proud of my job and I welcomed the question.

I've been asked that question lately, you know....since I currently don't have a job. And I have all kinds of answers in reserve . But, I think what's been bothering me is that I'm not being truthful.

What am I doing?

I'm playing music. It's what I want to do & something that I have wanted to do "full time" my entire life. No, I don't have a reserve of money backing me up. But I do have a reserve of people that love me backing me up.

This may just be one of the scariest things I have ever done. But I know it's the only thing I want to do.

My friend Amy told me once, "Just jump. The net will catch you." And, ya know what? It will. And I will just keep figuring out things as I go & throw security out of the window.

So my new goal this week is to be honest with myself. What do I do? I play music & sing. I might have a job here and there to make some extra cash but I DO music. It's what I love and I'm going after it with all my heart.

Happy Monday. :)
(I promise I'm coming off of my "eat, pray, love" mission soon. So much on my mind. I will get back to microsoft paint & fun stories asap)


Amy said...

I'm just looking out for myself when I give you advice. I mean, after all, I want you to remember me when no one has to ask "What do you do?" because you are WORLD FAMOUS and adored by all. Selfish, really. I don't want you to forget me. xoxo

Caroline Elizabeth said...

Great post Val. I have so much respect for you as you follow your heart amd your dreams, you should never feel badly about that!! I hope I can get to hear and watch you sing soon :) xoxo

debbie said...

Love you Valerie. It will all be okay. Mamaw and Papaw would be so proud!!!

The Haltermans said...

I'm def. one of those people backing you up and can't wait to see you sing again! You are amazing and should never doubt yourself. "Do what you love and others will love you for it." I'm so glad you're living in Mt. Sidney and we can constantly remind each other of this!

valerie said...

THanks guys for letting me gush! I felt the need to share! Ya'll are great!

Danielle Sands said...

I WISH I had something I loved as much as you love singing. I think it is amazing and I respect you and will always be there telling you to "go!"


Crystal Pinson said...

Loving your courage! Damn straight that's what you do! Now, need a back-up singer? This job of mine is no fun at all...

Big hugs!

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