Thursday, May 13, 2010

teacher's pet

Today I rode in my first riding clinic. It definitely took my mind off of things for the day AND it means I have the best instructor, Andrew's mom Debbie. She is like the Yoda of horse training.

My bum hurts a tad but I am really excited about learning how to ride.

I drew a picture on microsoft paint of where I was hurting, but it just didn't turn out quite appropriate. Maybe one night I will expose some of my XXX microsoft paintings.

I rode shotgun with Andrew the rest of the afternoon helping with chores. We went to pick up straw, filled the water trough and hayed the fields. And then we had a barn night.

Barn nights are where we play some music, get down and dirty and work on both of the barns. I love watching the sun go down and the sky turn dark. It's so quiet up there. It's become one of my favorite thigns to do.

Olivia also came up to the barn to visit. (see above night-vision-ish pics from my phone camera). She is still warming up to the horses but she definitely did not warm up to Tarzan.

All this guy had to do was give her a look. He's one tough barn cat and he doesn't like anyone on his turf.

I'm off to stretch my legs and hope to be able to move in the morning. Night ;)

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