Monday, May 24, 2010

lighten up

What's up with all the serious talk over here.
blogs are funny.
that was my thought all day long.

we took a hike this afternoon and my darn camera died.

but the flowers were so so beautiful.
and we ate a mango at the top of the mountain on a rock.
and it started to rain as we left.
and we planned out entire future, more or less, in just one hike.

i'll make sure and charge my camera next time. the mountains are to pretty for words right now.


Danielle Sands said...

oh my goodness. have you become a professional photographer? this pic is beaaautiful!!

I wish I could have been a little fly on that rock, listening to your stories and eating that mango. I miss you!

Laura P. said...

VALERIE! THIS IS GORGEOUS! This is why I asked you to be the photographer. Sweetie you now have 2 creative outlets you should turn into careers!!! :)

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