Thursday, January 28, 2010

Box full o' love

All my stuff is still in boxes. They are packed up in the office of the new barn. I can't WAIT until I can go through everything and feel all nostalgic and happy.

BUT until then I am glad that I remembered to take pictures of this box, a birthday present box, to be more specific, that Johannah made for me last March. Johannah is my long lost roomate from Richmond. I knew that I would be lifelong friends with Johannah when I quoted the movie "Anne of Green Gables" and she finished my sentence. We are "kindred spirits" and both have crushes on Gilbert. (TRC 4 eva.)

This is one of the best birthday presents I have ever recieved and the only birthday present that has been boarderline creepy (in the very best of ways).

You can imagine my excitement when Johannah showed up on my doorstep, love box in hand.

And this is the best cut and paste job I have ever seen:

amazing. simply amazing. I wish I could make birthday boxes for everyone in the world. Maybe then we would have world peace.

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