Thursday, January 21, 2010

Soo.....whatcha been doin?

my list of new things:

Country time- Andrew has had to repeat to me over and over again "you can only do so much in one day". I'm still on city warp speed.

Weather talk- I think I have talked more about the weather this winter than I ever have in my life.

New Job- Full of nice people and close to home!

Chores- You can't live on a farm without chores, inside or outside of the house.

Puppy kisses- His name is Charlie. He is the niece and nephews new puppy. I am seriously trying to concoct a plan to steal a 4 and 5 years olds dog (after he is potty trained at his house, of course).

Weekday lunch dates with Andrew- Our spot: Subway at the Bp gas station. Sometimes, if you come on the wrong day and the wrong people are working, they will make your sub with hate. We always wind up laughing about our hate subs on those days.

"The Writing Initiative"- I'm going to really try and keep up with my personal journal entries, song writing and work on being less critical of myself.

Internet neglect- I have not been so disconnected from technology in my life. Some days it feels really nice and a lot less stressful, and then other days I miss connecting with so many people and all of my friends and just browsing through the news on a short break. It's really made me notice how much of my life, our lives, start to revolve around the internet. I don't know where I am going with this but I miss it as much as I love the freedom of being away from it. "Deep thoughts" by Valerie McQueen.

Farm cat Olivia- Olivia has taken over Cool Breeze Stables. Well, she has taken over the house anyways. She comes and goes inside and out and loooooooooves it here. She has even lost a few lbs. Now if I could make sure she stays out of the burrs when she goes outside....

That's what's new with me! I'll be better at posting from here on out! Just had to give an update.



The Haltermans said...

We used to have those BP Subway dates, too! And you're right, some days they are "hate subs." Ha! Glad you're liking the new job--I know they love you, they have told me a million times!!

Molly Harper said...

WOO HOO - gotta love the Subway BP :)

Amber said...

if this is the Subway on N. Augusta St. in Staunton, I can vouch: those ladies are some serious bitches. I lived in the neighborhood and some days they couldn't be bothered to stop gossiping to make my sandwich. One lady was awesome though.

Where are you working out there? I miss my Valley.

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