Saturday, November 21, 2009

i love...

being here. with him. (even if he does put me to work 'till sunset every day)
Happy Weekend.


Amy said...

In the days before Buddy left for college I asked myself 10,000 times...How will I ever deal with him being away?

But then he was so excited about embarking on new adventures and so loved living on a college campus and making new friends and learning new things and *tasting* new beer and being independent and...

His happiness made it almost impossible for me to be sad.

Even though I missed him more than I ever imagined.

Well, long story short: this post makes me very happy for you.

Even though my heart is breaking.


valerie said...

AH! no more making me sad!!! I still can't even think about it......ignorance is bliss.

love. love.

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