Wednesday, May 27, 2009

why can’t we let those smiles slip out? that is cool. the smile that shows all your gums & your bones.

I have been meaning to post this find for awhile.
Tonight will work.

YOU ARE REMARKABLE is a great blog that I stumbled upon. I loved this entry about hiding behind "their internet personality, their favourite scene. what’s so wrong with being messy & laughing until your lungs hurt? why is that not cool? "
and who hasn't been here before:

So in honor of appreciating those messy, wonderful "lost" pictures I will post this beauty.

andrew is beside me with a very goofy face. I am so sweet for not exposing it for all the world* to see.

*Over the weekend:

A: So, who reads your blog?

Me: I think just me. And, um, like, two of my friends.

1 comment:

Caroline Elizabeth said...

haha I love this post--especially since I’m the queen of de-tagging pictures (more for inappropriateness but I do both) and because I love to read your blog!

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