Tuesday, March 12, 2013

a walk to the mailbox

1.  view of the mountains and neighboring church from the top of the hill.
2.  sunlight.  I desperately have needed sunlight and it felt so amazing on my face today.
3.  bumped into Andrew working on building seedling shelves.  hung out for a bit because he had sweet tea and thin mints with him as an afternoon snack.
4.  we had lots of rain this morning that melted the last bit of snow.  snow + rain + march = muddy farm
5.  selfie + everly 
6.  snug as a bug.  she loves being all wrapped up like this.  
7.  high traffic on our road.  
8.  the neighbors sheep dogs come to visit with their friends Hunter & Lily from time to time.  
9.  hey guys, who is watching the flock?  #sheepdogfail

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