Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's up Internet MACHINE!

I'll spare you my lame excuses for being M.I.A and skip the whole part where I think that anyone cares and jump to what's been going on in my life.

After we had a kick-ass Crummett-McQueen wedding we spent a blissful week in Asheville, VA for our honeymoon.  

 Our cabin, "Nice & Knotty"
I spent almost 72% of the honeymoon in the hot tub reading the first Hunger Games book. 
 We also did fun touristy things like visit the Biltmore so I could pretend like I lived Downton Abbey Style (except the hoards of older people walking around passing gas made me get really nauseous and we had to go walk outside for the majority of the visit.)

 My favorite touristy adventure was going to eat at the Grove Park Inn.  It was the most beautiful, romantic dinner with the most gorgeous view. 
We had lots of other adventures including the fact that I packed my bag at the last second and brought only one complete outfit (oh darn, we had to go shopping), but the scariest adventure was definitely Andrew dragging me up a trail on Grandfather Mountain that we later found out is described as a "rigorous trek across rugged peaks".  I'm talking ladders bolted on the side of a freaking rock, death on both sides, I thought I was going to have a panic attack and yes I did cry when I got to the top.  Andrew was white as a ghost and kept repeating "I can't believe I took you up here, your Dad would kill me".  It was intense, like camping.  

So we came back from our kick ass honeymoon and then I was all like, Wait--is it over?  For real?  And I sat around numb for a while with the reality of the wedding/honeymoon/Hunger Games series being over slowly sunk in.  But then I read in a book that that feeling was normal and I felt better about life and my marriage.  

Then the Holidays came and we celebrated in quiet fashion, took a trip to New Jersey, and then rang in 2012 ( & I actually stayed up to watch the ball drop this year).  

Other notable happenings since we last chatted:

New additions to the family:  fish, 2 frogs, & 1 horse
My GERD magically dissapeared
New songs to share (I want to make a video!)
My new glasses are coming in the mail
I suck at doing laundry
My dry skin is RAGING this winter
I joined a gym
this list is lame and proves my life has been pretty boring since Oct.

I am slowly coming out of hibernation and have been itching to start blogging again. 

So.  I might go back and forth catching you up on funny stories from the wedding but TA-DA, here I am--back in action.  

XOXO Valerie


Marci said...

Your honeymoon pics are soo cute Val! Asheville is such a fun city and I am OBSESSED with the hunger games series.. can't wait for the movie!

Valerie said...

We share the same love of Asheville! I cannot wait to go back and visit!

PJH said...

Yay! I love reading your updates on life...even though I live 1.2 miles away from you! That picture of you guys out to dinner is def. a framer!!

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