Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year

I heard something this morning about leap year and Caesar and someone was trying to explain it on the news this morning and I hear that Scotland this is the day that women can propose to men but I still have no clue what purpose Leap Year serves.

BUT I can tell you the purpose of my new scarf that my Nanny knit me.  

A Lil Bit Cat Holder! 
On our trip to NJ I told Nan, "I know what you can knit for me!  A SNOOD!  After we finally were both on the same page on what a snood was we looked up the instructions and BAM-two weeks later I got my snood in the mail.  

She said she followed the exact directions but the thing turned out to be like the entire length of my body.  This is a pic I took for her where I doubled it up.

I love my snood.  It's made with love and is all warm and snuggly.  I shall wear it forever and tote all my new kittens in it. 

 aren't you glad I started blogging again so you can read exciting stories like this?  I know I am.  

Happy Hump Day.  

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