Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Friday Cat Post!!!

I am dying to get my arse in gear and put together a wedding post....but that will take some time and work and well, it doesn't help that Staples called and told me my computer has 9 different viruses on it.  Oppsy.

So I leave you on this chilly Friday with none other than a cat post!!!!

Remember that little fur ball Little Bit that came into our lives?  He is growing up to be quite a handful.  He dominates the house and the other animals (yes, even Olivia.  He tackles her everyday and we now have to feed her seperatly because he refuses to let her eat out of her bowl.  A 3 lb kitten is destroying the life of my 25 lb cat)

He is spoiled.  Rotten.  And he needs to have his balls chopped NOW.  Maybe that will calm him down. 
I saw this video on FB and it perfectly depicts what happens EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING. in bed. 

Just sub the baseball bat for Lil' B biting our faces. 

Exhibit A.

ouch.  what happened to my sweet little kitten? 
 (& why do I have Angelina Jolie lips in this pic?)

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