Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Royal Birth-- We understand

My mom is in town and is obsessed with the Royals so we have watched 24 hour coverage of this event on the news.  Since we live at the Kingdom of Traiylor, I feel like I can understand what Will & Kate must be going through.  But on the real, it is fun to relive what those first few days felt like.  I have never been on such a high in my life.  The endorphins were pumping through my veins and I couldn't stop smiling for 2 days, I swear.  It was the best.  Almost makes me want to do it again.  

Scratch that.  

I haven't slept in 5 months.  I'm talking crazy.  How do people have more than one baby?  Talk to me in a few years or hold my hand while I cry if we have a "surprise" before then.  I bow down to any woman that does this more than once.  

congrats new parents!

p.s.  Andrew wants me to assure everyone that he does not hate me and apologizes for his dirty mouth and oversharing wife.  

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