Friday, September 21, 2012

catching up on bumps

 We found out I was pregnant in May, about 4 weeks after something went missing.  ;)

It was a mixture of excitement, nervousness, & queasiness.  (I swear I started feeling sick the day after I took a test)  I had a rough start and pretty much had the whole gamut of symptoms:  vomiting, nausea, loss of energy, moodiness, loss of appetite with a dose of feeling ravenous but not being able to eat (this was the most evil symptom of all) & throw in a little acne.  

I have to admit it all took me a little by surprise and was a tough period of time.  Symptoms lessened as I got around 17 weeks and I feel like I can say now at *almost* 19 weeks I am finally feeling that second trimester relief.  I had lots of highs (like hearing the heartbeat for the first time) and then lots of lows (like laying on the bed crying that I was too young to be pregnant and Andrew having to kindly remind me that I am almost 30.  How sweet of him). 

It all still seems a little bit like a dream.  Andrew and I will be in the kitchen cooking and look at each other, my belly, and then go "really?  Is this really happening?"

At our first ultrasound we giggled & smiled until tears came from our eyes.  It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.  This little bean, jumping around at 2 inches long.  We have our next unltrasound in two weeks and will finally know for sure if we are having a girl or boy!  We are beyond excited and possibly the most impatient parents-to-be.  

Here are some photos I've captured along the way & sent along to family and friends.  I made peace with myself awhile ago that my bump progression shots were all taken in my work bathroom and not with a cute backdrop sans cell phone in your face. 
Without further ado...

 7 Weeks

14 weeks

17 weeks

I'm really starting to pop now.  Hello maternity wear and itchy belly!


Marci said...

Love it! you are the cutest little preggo! So excited for y'all! xox

Valerie said...

Thank you Marci!!!! What an exciting time for all! xoxo

Johannah Quinn said...

bring on the bump! keep us updated with bump photos! you wil be glad you have them the next time around too ;)

LLK said...

So cute! You'll be a great mama! Those 40 weeks seem like they'll stretch on forever...but all of sudden-your lil one will be here and you'll be reminiscing about all those crazy symptoms!
There are parts of being pregnant I do miss...the anticipation and excitement were great...the nausea, exhaustion, and hormonal fluctuations I could do without!

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