Tuesday, April 26, 2011

life is a song

heard this song on an old mix cd.
 it's funny how you can listen to a thing over and over and then one day BAM--the meaning really hits you. 

You say life is a dream where we can't say what we mean
Maybe just some roadside scene that we're driving past
There's no telling where we'll be in a day or in a week
And there's no promises of peace or of happiness

Well is this why you cling to every little thing
And pulverize and derange all your senses
Maybe life is a song but you're scared to song along
Until the very ending

Oh, it's time to let go of everything we used to know
Ideas that strengthen who we've been
It's time to cut ties that won't ever free our minds
From the chains and shackles that they're in

Oh, tell me what good is saying that you're free
In a dark and storming sea
You're chained to your history, you're surely sinking fast
You say that you know that the good Lord's in control
He's gonna bless and keep your tired and oh so restless soul
But at the end of the day when every price has been paid
You're gonna rise and sit beside him on some old seat of gold
And won't you tell me why you live like you're afraid to die
You'll die like you're afraid to go

Oh, it's time to let go of everything we used to know
Ideas that strengthen who we've been
It's time to cut ties that won't ever free our minds
From chains and shackles that they're in
From the chains and shackles that they're in

Well life is a dream 'cause we're all walking in our sleep
You could see us stand in lines like we're dead upon our feet
And we build our house of cards and then we wait for it to fall
Always forget how strange it is just to be alive at all

Thursday, April 21, 2011

white skirts, dogs & horses

This was my early morning view this week. 
I am going to miss my little view of the mountains so much when the leaves come on the tress---but I am also looking forward to feeling like I am in my own little forest.  :) 

 Our grass was getting really tall in the front yard.  Time for a mow!  Andrew set up electric fencing and, *bing* we had our very own GREEN TEAM MOWING MACHINES!  

I had Andrew snap a picture of me before I was off to work in front of my new neighbors.  (they weren't really interested in talking to me that morning--and ps.  the rest of our yard is catching up on the growing process....bare with me.  Get it?  Bare?!  hahahahah)

And then Hunter wanted to come and get in the picture.  Problem is he also wanted to give mom some kisses.  White skirt + golden retriever who rolls in EVERYTHING = problem child.  

He just couldn't understand that this photo shoot was not about him.

(and this is where I pretend that my animals talk to me in photographs)

 "please mom.  just pet me, puhleaseeeeeeeeeeee"

 "oh, you say you don't want to get your white skirt dirty before work?  Hrm...??  Is that why you aren't showing me any attention?  I'll keep on trying."

"It's time to get my best friend Lily involved in all this"

"I won."


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I love when Andrew asks me to come to Abbys with him.

That's where we keep a handful of horses off of the farm at Andrew's Aunt Abby's land.   This is also where my baby Belle has been for the past year.  I love any chance I get to go snuggle and give her kisses on her soft horse nose.

It also means that I get to walk on the train tracks.  I hear this is very illegal...so kids..don't do it.  But it makes me feel like a wayfarin' stranger.  Just me and my love with no place to call home.  Just walkin' down the train track, runnin' from the law.  

And at some point on the tracks we cross over and our friends are waiting for us. 

 I think I had a one horse eating my foot and one eating my hair.  Little rascals. 
 If you ever have a bad day, just call me up and you can come chat with these guys.  Instant happiness.  They don't even care what you look like or if you have on your stinky old Uggs that are 5 years old. 

That's one big dandelion, people. 

And here's some music for your little ears today.  Yes.  It is official.  I can't stop listening to Gillian Welch.  I just want to find my very own David Rawlings and life would be complete. 

Happy Thursday :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

the night i fell in love with peanut butter pie and cornbread

I wanted to go out for dinner on Friday night. Long week=ain't gonna cook.
Andrew has hermit-ish ways. He likes take out and nights in. 
We met in the middle and it turned out to be the best date night we've had in a while.
We drove to Dayton and had dinner at Thomas House. It is country cooking heaven. It is a secret treasure restaurant and I want to move closer to it and eat every meal there.  And our meal, which included desert cost $20.  Heaven.  I was tempted to ask if they would cater my wedding. I just might. 

I'm not good at taking pictures of my food.  I eat real fast with no thoughts of documentation.  just chewing.    But trust me.  This was some delicious southern food. 

I loved the wishing well when you walked in.  I wish I had more pictures of the restaurant itself because it was the quaintest small town place that you could think of.  But----those places usually look at your backwards if you start snapping pictures.   

How can you pass that up?

Then we waddled through downtown Dayton and passed some friendly Mennonites.  

When we got back to the farm, we will felt like we still need to waddle around some more after our huge meal so we took a walk on the fields to see how the new grass was coming along.  And we kicked some horse shit.  It's very therapeutic. 

Happy Monday.  Hope you had a great weekend!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

can't stop listening

 somtimes it feels like music burns into my soul, real deep down like.  

You know that feeling, right?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

thine eyes shall see

"I feel sometimes as if I were a child who opens its eyes on the world once and sees amazing things it will never know any names for and then has to close its eyes again."

Marilynne Robinson, Gilead

 *baby Andrew McQueen*
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