Monday, April 11, 2011

the night i fell in love with peanut butter pie and cornbread

I wanted to go out for dinner on Friday night. Long week=ain't gonna cook.
Andrew has hermit-ish ways. He likes take out and nights in. 
We met in the middle and it turned out to be the best date night we've had in a while.
We drove to Dayton and had dinner at Thomas House. It is country cooking heaven. It is a secret treasure restaurant and I want to move closer to it and eat every meal there.  And our meal, which included desert cost $20.  Heaven.  I was tempted to ask if they would cater my wedding. I just might. 

I'm not good at taking pictures of my food.  I eat real fast with no thoughts of documentation.  just chewing.    But trust me.  This was some delicious southern food. 

I loved the wishing well when you walked in.  I wish I had more pictures of the restaurant itself because it was the quaintest small town place that you could think of.  But----those places usually look at your backwards if you start snapping pictures.   

How can you pass that up?

Then we waddled through downtown Dayton and passed some friendly Mennonites.  

When we got back to the farm, we will felt like we still need to waddle around some more after our huge meal so we took a walk on the fields to see how the new grass was coming along.  And we kicked some horse shit.  It's very therapeutic. 

Happy Monday.  Hope you had a great weekend!



Molly Harper said...

Love it. And ps - my bro, Abe, eats lunch here regularly!

PJH said...

Yes, we should've told you to go there a long time ago. Knew you'd love it. Let's go together sometime!

Amber said...

aw, i miss Dayton and my Mennonite friends. The lady who sells the fudge at the farmer's market is super sweet and lives in a gorgeous farmhouse!

Danielle Sands said...

I want to write a post called "the night I fell in love with marshmellow fluff and chocolate fudge pie."

Seriously, send me a pie.

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