Thursday, April 21, 2011

white skirts, dogs & horses

This was my early morning view this week. 
I am going to miss my little view of the mountains so much when the leaves come on the tress---but I am also looking forward to feeling like I am in my own little forest.  :) 

 Our grass was getting really tall in the front yard.  Time for a mow!  Andrew set up electric fencing and, *bing* we had our very own GREEN TEAM MOWING MACHINES!  

I had Andrew snap a picture of me before I was off to work in front of my new neighbors.  (they weren't really interested in talking to me that morning--and ps.  the rest of our yard is catching up on the growing process....bare with me.  Get it?  Bare?!  hahahahah)

And then Hunter wanted to come and get in the picture.  Problem is he also wanted to give mom some kisses.  White skirt + golden retriever who rolls in EVERYTHING = problem child.  

He just couldn't understand that this photo shoot was not about him.

(and this is where I pretend that my animals talk to me in photographs)

 "please mom.  just pet me, puhleaseeeeeeeeeeee"

 "oh, you say you don't want to get your white skirt dirty before work?  Hrm...??  Is that why you aren't showing me any attention?  I'll keep on trying."

"It's time to get my best friend Lily involved in all this"

"I won."


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