Sunday, August 29, 2010

moving in: update

The last time we failed inspection (before we passed inspection) it was due to the grade..or....6 inches of something ..or the construction of a containment wall....... I don't know what the issue was really, BUT in the end we ended up with an awesome rock wall in our back yard. And this is the last step before moving in. We just need electricity finished being set up. (i want it nowwwwww)

You may just see a pile of rocks...but me and Hunter see stepping stones!! We've still got tons of little projects to finish. (like having something other than clay around our porches)

we're almost there!


Molly Harper said...

I am SO glad to have you back! :) And can't WAIT for a trailer housewarming party - YAYYYY!!!!!

valerie said...

get's going to be amazing!

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