Tuesday, October 1, 2013

every day

every day I think of things to blog about.  "I should write about that" is a common inside the head conversation I have with myself.  But then a baby cries or a timer goes off or the chores need to be dealt with and the 30-60 minute window of time that I have 3 times a day fades quickly.  

I want to blog about...

a "keepin' it real" post about how I have committed the ultimate fashion crime twice and worn my crocs out in public to run errands.  I felt horrible and nasty yet my feet did feel comfy wrapped in that soft plastic.  someone help me.  

my home is being invaded by stink bugs.  At one point there were like 30 crawling on my walls.  That's when I called Andrew and told him I was having a panic attack because I tried to pick them up to throw them in water myself, but I felt like I was picking up tiny roaches and it was horrible and I was so hot and sweaty with a baby on my hip.  So I went outside and turned on the water hose and sprayed those suckers until they flew away.  And then they flew back.  

I am riding again and it has become my new therapy.  I like riding this blue eyed horse named Toby.  I also just wrote and deleted 4 different sentences because they were (only funny to me) jokes about further damaging my womanly special area.  too much?  oh, but it's true. 

Our Hunter died last months and it was very, very sad.  I wrote a post the day that he died but never hit publish because I was afraid it would drive the reader to drink.  But maybe time enough has passed where I can post it.  

During the day the farm is so quiet and beautiful.  I never really got to experience this silence because I was always home when the lessons were going on after work.  It truly is a beautiful thing.  Sometimes, when I go out to walk around and I know Andrew is somewhere on the farm but don't have my cellphone, I do the Mockingjay whistle from Hunger Games and Andrew will hear it and attempt to whistle back (I'm really, really, good at whistling FYI) and we keep doing it until we find each other.  Tell me we aren't the coolest couple you could ever hope to know.

I painted my kitchen cabinets white and it was the best kitchen makeover ever.  Maybe one day I will post some pics. 

I want to write about my feelings (SURPRISE) and how the entire last 7 months have been a trial and error system where I fail ALL OF THE TIME.  But, I am learning more and more about myself and what is important.  What is enough.  What is love.  I am bursting with feelings, y'all.  

I have been trying to do a minimalist makeover on our home and I am making strides.  I'd love to write a post about how I have overcome some big hurdles along the way and how I wrote a prescription to myself about having the house tidied up each day.  

I got to see two of my best friends in the past months and it made my heart all happy and I want to all live 5 minutes from each other so I can be around that goodness all the time.  It makes me so happy/sad.

I really want to do one of those posts about what my makeup routine is.  I have no idea why though, because I use crusty old concealer and dirty brushes.  I just love knowing what other people use.  

I want to talk about my breastfeeding journey and my nips of steel.  You are on the edge of your seat, aren't you?

See?  So many great blog posts.  I can see 'em in my head plain as day.  

One day?

Happy October!


Angie said...

LOVE this update on your life! And as always, I love you Keeping It Real! Love you :) xoxo

kelly said...

you kill me! i laughed out loud so many times...but i think the mental image of katniss and peta is the best thing i've heard in a long time. stay sane mama!

Amber said...

I think you're a treasure, Val. Your posts always make me laugh.

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