Thursday, August 22, 2013

Can we take a moment to talk about this?

I totally forgot about this photo shoot.  A dear friend bought this dress for Ev at Dollywood (greatest place on earth) so of course we had to dress her up in it and pretend that she was in a baby pageant.  Except, Ev isn't really a frilly baby.  I'm not sure that any baby is but Ev definitely was giving the "WTF, get this off me" vibe.  

And look at all that hair!   It is falling out and turning blonde now so I will have to savor these precious glamour shots gone wrong with her spiky black hair.  *sigh*

Happy Thursday!

1 comment:

Alexandra said...

these photos are amazing. they will be even better when she's older and you can crack up together over them! my twin sister and i had almost identical outfits for a tap dancing recital, hats included, when we were maybe 5? HILARIOUS photos. give the little lady a kiss for me! xx

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