Monday, April 26, 2010

I see you

Friday night= success. Oh my. I had the best time ever & Darrell Scott was freaking phenomnal.
Saturday Day= work. Oh my. Longest day ever fueld by red bull (yuck)
Saturday Night= First time watching Avitar (aka Fern Gully on steriods)
Sunday Morning= First trail ride ever with my Crummett family around the neighborhood.

I spent the entire trail ride pretending that I was an Avitar riding around in Pandora. I even tried to stick my ponytail to the horses tail to see if we would become one. I was in a geeked out wonder world.

Reality hit when I got off of the horse and realized that sitting down would be hard for the next few days.

I didn't realize that I had bones in the place that it hurts....but I assure you I do.

I'll just leave on that note. Hope you had a good weekend too. ;)


Alexandra said...

First - so glad Friday went well! I'm sure you were amazing!
Second - I have to admit, I was a HUGE Fern Gully fan as a child (I think it was the music?)... Did you like Avatar? Undecided on whether or not I want to watch it.

valerie said...

I liked it! I mean...yes, it was really long and I really wish I would have seen it in 3D but I got into it. The acting is a little cheese at first but you kinda get over it. You should rent it for sure!!

Amy said...

I love you and the horse you rode in on.

Laura P. said...

Seriously I start laughing out loud when I read this because I picture you actually trying to connect with the horses tail. And that=a very funny picture in my head. hahaha :) love you!

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